Clip frames with LED lights

Efka B.V. has also a wide rage of clip frames with  LED lights. We have a number of different profiles in our collection. A poster snap frame with LED lights will give your promotional product even more attention!

To open the four sides of the frame simply click the profiles for fast exchange of your advertising. Our snap frames are available in various sizes and designs.

AF3 snap frame with LED lights
The robust model AF 3 has an aluminum profile of less than 58 mm and is ideal for (very) large sizes. This snap frame is for indoor use only, and even available for the image size 300 x 150 cm. Despite the large size of the frame and the led light plate, this product also has a granted warranty of 50,000 operating hours. The computer calculation of the V grooves makes it possible that even for large sizes the illumination over your image will be perfect.

AF13/AF2 snap frame with LED lights
The AF13 and AF2 models have a popular and contemporary design. Both have only a thickness of 25 mm and are for indoor use. The AF13 has a 35 mm circular cross section in matt anodised aluminum. The AF2 has a 35 mm flat profile in matte black. By using a large number of springs and an acrylic plate your images will keep perfectly in place. The LED illuminated LGP will ensure that your advertisement maximum attention of your customers!

AF41 snap frame with LED lights
Clip frames AF41 with LED lighting is only 18 mm thick. The 22 mm wide profile is available in matte anodized aluminum and is ideal for a sophisticated advertising. Technically speaking, the narrower AF41 then can easily compete with the other clip frames from our program.

View the standard sizes that we have in stock.


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